Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Stocking and Rearranging!

I spent the better part of this week stocking, cleaning and rearranging my booth!
It was in terrible need of attention! 
We had a few pieces of furniture in the building that needed to be painted and moved out of the way.
So I took the opportunity make space in the building and fill my booth at the same time!
I don't usually paint furniture because I like the older paint much better,
but these pieces had piled up and were taking up valuable space!
I think things turned out pretty well.
I love my booth at Bennies Barn,
I have tons of room and it has so much character!
If you've never been to Bennies Barn it would be worth your while to make the trip!

Mall owner called today and said this chalk board already sold.
She said someone bought it for a wedding!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweetie!! Your space looks absolutely amazing!!!! I would love to look are so talented ~ I hope you're doing wonderful Theresa, hugs and love, Dawn

Al said...

You have such a gorgeous, well laid out space! The items are very interesting. That tealish/grey looking sideboard chest with the oval painted flower detail on it is very sweet. Love your little shop.

Sue said...

I LOVE the dentist sign and REALLY love the old blue wood wall. It adds so much character. I'm not sure why the old paint always appeals to me, but I just love it!

Take care, Sue

Amy said...

it is a beautiful space.
the lighting is really nice too.

Hope you have much continued success in your space

The Green Pea said...

Thresa, I love it all! The metal wall, yellow cabinet, painted dressers, the mirror frame chalkboard
and your display is wonderful. Have a nice weekend. sandi

Custom Comforts said...

What a lovely space you have and so much room!!! I love it all! I just completed my first month at a store and it has been so much fun to always be rearranging things. I never knew it could be so fun.

A Vintage Green said...

Your booth space is so lovely and has such great stock. Thank you for sharing.
- Joy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Girl, your booth always looks great!!

Paige Thomas King said...

just read about those peacock chairs in country living. cool stuff! one day, one day--i'll drop in for a look-see.

CarLe Etc. said...

Love Love Love that revolving chippy white painted rack...that wouldn't be for sale by any chance would it???? Love your whole set up very inventive....thxs for sharing

Debra@Common Ground said...

That chalk board was my fave of everything. LOVE it all, Theresa! You always have such a beautiful space!!
xoxo, Debra

Anonymous said...

I wish to live in your 'space'!!
Blessings~ Patty

Rhonda said...

It looks all nice and fresh for summer now! I have to do that to mine soon and I dread it.
Happy weekend.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your space looks so beautiful Theresa filled with lots of goodies. Everything is so beautifully arranged.

trash talk said...

You really do take advantage of all available space, but it never looks cluttered. You got the knack girl!
That is the perfect backdrop for your the walls...and those doors!

Kate Habegger said...

Oh my, Theresa! Your space is so gorgeous! We were just there a couple weeks ago and couldn't resist purchasing something from your space yet again!

Wish we would have seen your metal chairs! Beautiful!

You've got that magic touch! I'm sure your new pieces will go quickly!

saltbox treasures said...

Wish I could come to Bennies Barn. Everything looks fantastic! I'm glad you were able to leave a comment on my giveaway {I would have gotten you entered even if you couldn't :).}
Hope you're having a great weekend!
~ Julie

A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose said...

I'm with T. Cano, I just saw them too in CL and love them, the booth looks WONDERFUL!!!

I just met Rene Jackson, she stopped by The Shed while I was working, what a surprise!!!

Sandi said...

Your booth is AMAZING!! I love it and you do a fabulous job of displaying your items. Wish I lived closer!!

Kimberly Jones said...

We visited your booth today and it is gorgeous! My 14 year old daughter went crazy over everyting in it! She took pictures with her phone camera and even wrote down some notes in her inspiration notebook. It was so fun to see her so excited about it. I could barely tear myself away to go shop in the rest of the store! We enjoyed your booth so much and I am pining for that zinc top table! I hope to come back for it. Thanks for creating such a fun experience!

jjpottebaum said...

Lovely!!!!! Will be there soon!!!!!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Girl...I am flippin out over here! EVERYTHING looks AMAZING...beyond amazing even!! WOW WEE! I could dive right in!!!
ALWAYS love the booth pics!

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Love your booth! Can't blame the couple for wanting the frame for their wedding!

Miss Gracie's House said...

LOVE it...inspiring as always:)...I'm not sure I could part with some of those victorian pretties...have a great day!

A Cottage Muse said...

Love, love, love it all!!
I am about to refluff my space this week...thanks for the inspiration! I hope you had a great weekend!

Ido said...

Your booth is ginormous and beautiful, I love when you post this kind of pictures, so inspiring, I was feeling kind of blue this morning and without too much enthusiasm, the day is gray and windy, but after looking at this post, I feel better and inspired, now I will go home and work on my bedroom re-do. Thank you Tot!!! Love the chalkboard!

Little Susie said...

I"m your newest follower...i love your booth, so many pretty things! susie :)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

GORGEOUS Theresa!! I love the bakers rack and that white piece on the wall!! Is it off of a mantel, or mirror?? LOVE that!!!

Lou Cinda

Fresh Garden said...

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

Pandora said...

Wow - your booth looks great! Looks like you have a ton of space there! I love your style :-)

Jackie said...

Bee-U-tee-Ful!!! I'm having you style my booth at Brim in July, OK? Please say yes:)

Theresa said...

Oh Theresa, your booth is beautiful! You have such an artistic eye and it is definitely obvious with these pics! The bride and groom made a good choice. By the way... I would love to have lemonade and laughs with you on my porch any day! t. xoxooxox

Liz Bradley said...

The barn IS SOOOOO worth the drive! Tot's booth alone is soooo worth the drive! So talented, you are!
See you soon,

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I would LOVE to be lost in your both for a day or two. I'd be examining each and every goodie there! I "LOVE" that tall wire card rack(is that what it is?). It has my head spinning thinking of all it could be used for AND what a wonderful conversation piece it would be! LOVE IT!
Have a wonderful week,

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