Thursday, August 30, 2012

Workin, workin, workin!

Not bringing these things,
cause they are from a previous show in Brimfield in 2010.
All of these treasures were sold at the show.
BUT, we will be bringing some great looking things like this!
I have washed, washed, priced, priced, priced some more and toted tons of smalls.
And Craig has been working like a crazy man to get things finised!
It's getting to the point now that I'm starting excited about the show.
I'm looking forward to seeing all our old friends and catching up on the last 6 months.
Make plans to come to Marburger Farms while your in Texas.
We are in Tent H, Booth 17.
Not sure if you heard the news,
is setting up at Marburger.
She is also hosting her famous blog party at Marburger, on
 Oct. 2 at 3pm.
Click here to check out Marburger blog that she is the editor of now!
You don't want to miss this!
Enjoy pictures of my booth past.

Sorry about the bags falling out of the check out counter!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Almost Texas Time!

The push continues to get things ready for Texas.
I can't believe it's almost here!
Hope you've got you rooms reserved for the big show in Round Top.
Come out and see us at Marburger Farms, Tent H, Booth 17.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cupboard Added

New cupboard I added to the shop.
This one will be coming to Marburger with me!
And that won't be long now!
Work, work, work!

Friday, August 3, 2012

REAL French Treasures!

Do you have a hankeren to have some REAL French treasures?
Well then, you need to visit my friend
You won't be disappointed!
She has some great things!
Cause she actually lives in France.
None of that so called French looking stuff,
it's the REAL thing!
Please go check out her site!
You can thank me later!
Tell her Tot sent you!
Be sure and contact her with questions, she is easy to deal with!
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