Friday, January 28, 2011

Changes Round Here!

I told you guys a few post ago that I was feeling a great need to purge around here!
I felt like my interiors where closing in on me and I needed a more open, less is more space!
And believe me I have really, really edited my things.
Although when you look at this cabinet,
it doesn't look like it!
This cabinet was in the living room and I moved it to the dinning room.
Took everything out and started over!
Here's a few close ups.

 I only kept the things that were very near and dear to my heart!
I'm guessing since I'm a Pisces,
That's why I love anything to do with the ocean,
to include the ocean!
But since I don't live anywhere near a shoreline,
I bring a little of the ocean to me!
 This is the overall look of the cabinet!
I love how it turned out!
Not to worry, I'm gonna show you a before picture!
 Another thing, I can not live without books!
I love to decorate with them.

 This is the before picture of the cabinet in the living room.
 Do you remember all this ironstone?
 I did it!
I'm so proud of my self!
It's all gone!
I only keep a few things
and it is priced and toted up for the next show!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Red Barn Dealers

Theresa Cano
Garden Antiques

Peg and Jon VanDyne
French Vanilla

Brian and Meloney Russell
The Seed Box

Linda and Ludmil Marcov
Willow Nest

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Booth at the Red Barn

Well, I'm back up and running on my computer again!
Thank Heavens!
Thought I would post a few pics of my booth from
the Red Barn Show last weekend!
The show turned out pretty good!
The booths are really small,
so I have a ton of stuff crammed in there!
 Craig made this bench, it sold right away!
I think this is the prettiest one he's ever made!
 Of course we've gotta have a doll head in the mix somewhere!
 Tiny post cards.
 Loved the metal Biscuit shelf, but it came back home with us!
 I think these poor chairs are cursed,
nobody seems to want them!
 Some wonderful coral!
 Sold all the brackets and shelves we brought!
 The chalk board didn't hang around long either!
 The dental cabinet came out of my house!
 Bird nest love!
I took tons of pictures!
I have some of,
Garden Antiques,
French Vanilla,
Seed Box,
Willow Nest,
They will be coming up in the next post!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're Home!

We got home a few hours ago!
Had just enough time to unload the trailer of all liquids
and the snow started falling!
Already have about 4 inches in three hours!
Was very disappointed when I turned my new computer on!
It won't work!
Was on the phone with Comcast for 30 minutes,
then a couple of hours with Apple!
They can't figure out what it is!
Can you believe this!
It was fine when I left,
shut everything down and that was that!
It lived a short life!
It comes on, but won't connect to the Internet!
Just like me to get a lemon! lol!
Drug out the old PC and I'm coming to you live from there!
I can tell you this,
I love that new computer and I can't wait to get it fixed!
To tired to post any pictures tonight!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

French Table and Chairs For RV!

I finally got my table and chairs put in the RV today and I LOVE THEM! I have two more chairs without arms, but Craigsmith ran out of plywood to cut bottoms for them! Two chairs is all we will need for this trip anyway! I didn't take the time to do a vignette cause we had temps in the single digits today!

I'm very disappointed in my new camera! When I went out and took pictures they were very fuzzy, don't know if this is because it is so cold and I shook the camera or if I just need more practice! I took my old Sony Cyber Shot out and got these pictures, way better than the one with the Nikon! Go figure!

 I planned on getting black rubber feet for the table,
but Home Depot didn't have any!
I'll try when I get back home!

I feel like this table is perfect! I can turn it long ways on the wall if I need more room, or I can take it outdoors if we need a table out there! I've loved this table ever since I bought it, just didn't know what to do with it! I had these chairs ready for the Oct. show at Marburger, but loved them so much I couldn't part with them! I know, it's dumb! But now I'm so glad I kept them!

I will be putting some kind of art on the walls, but I have to wait for warmer weather. And I need to figure out something without glass or a frame! I think I will do something on a poster board and velcro it to the wall! Or some kind of banner would be nice if I could find something I liked! Got any ideas? I'm all ears!

Don't forget we will be heading to Texas in a few days for a show at Red Barn, Jan. 15th & 16th! If your anywhere in the area be sure to come out and see us! I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Travel Trailer~Before and After

I don't know if any of you guys have ever looked at Travel Trailers before,
but they are just butt ugly! 
We bought a brand new one about a month ago.
And I special ordered it so it wouldn't
have any ginormous unidentifiable flowers in it!
I'm not a flower person!
But! I couldn't get a way from the paisley print!
Needless to say, IT HAD TO GO!
If I had my way about it,
I would paint the whole inside of the unit!
White of course!
But since it's new,
I'd better live with the cherry wood for a while!
We also talked about taking down the cabinet over the bed,
I think we will bump our head on it!
If we don't take it down,
those black glass inserts are the next thing to go!
Paisley pillows gone, valances gone, headboard gone!

It's amazing how a bedspread and valance change out
will make things look so much different!
This is much better now!


 This is so inviting now!

Butt Ugly!! 

Much better!

Do you see that boarder! $#@%&*!
And that ugly gold satin fabric that mimics curtains?
Gotta Go! 

 Much better!
When I get more time I'm gonna change out those box valances!
The sofa was on the wall to the right of the screen,
and a dinning table and chairs was in the slide out!
But the sofa makes a bed, and if the bed was out you couldn't walk around it!
Obvious placement for the sofa was in the slide out!
I sold the table and chairs back to the dealership
cause I didn't like them!
Table coming in you ask?
A French folding bistro table, (yes it's from France)
stripped down to the bare metal.
And a set of four metal chairs, also stripped down.
They look French, but are not!
Still gotta wax the table and cover the chair bottoms!

 OMGoodness! Gross!
See that awful boarder!
Who picks this stuff out anyway?
It's gone now! Yeah!


 Would you like to come over for a hot cup of tea?
We'll be in Texas next week!
I love the new rolling motel room!
It's much bigger than the old one, with the bonus of a real bedroom!
I'll show you what the table and chairs look like in another post!

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