Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Inventory Added.....But, I Really Need Some Help Bloggers!

I spent the day shaking up the shop and adding some new junk!
Thought I would share a few photos with you when I ran into a problem!

I need help bloggers.

Well, my photo storage is out, renewed last year for $5.
It seems now it is at least $2.49 a month? Really?
But when I tried to renew it won't let me cause I have no credit card or bank account saved in GOOGLE WALLET?
What the heck is google wallet?
They want me to send a scanned copy of drivers licenses
passport papers, bank statement........the list goes on!
Is this for real?
I'm not sending anybody anything!
I have never even heard of google wallet.
I know what you are saying, what rock has she been under?
How in the world to you set up your google wallet account?
Is this a total scam?
Please, please, please somebody help me!
Sorry! As you can see I'm sorta freaked out!
Please enjoy these photos, 
as I may never be able to post again! Hahahaha!

There is such a thing as google wallet account.
This must be the new way to pay for storage?
The last time I paid with pay pal!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mystery Solved!

The Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar
The Spicebush Swallowtail is a caterpillar for a fairly black swallowtail butterfly. This caterpillar lives in folded leaf shelters and feeds on sassafras or spicebush leaves to sustain its life.
Read more here!

We have tons of sassafras in the back fence row of our yard!

Margo researched this cute little worm!
Thanks Margo for all you hard work!

This is a picture of my cute little bug below!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Worm Or Alien!

I don't have a clue what kind of worm this is,
but I thought it was beautiful.
I love nature and all it's offerings.
The color and markings of this worm was stunning.
It was only about an inch long.
Any body know what it is?

Hello world!
It's so cool, it doesn't even look real!

I'll be posting more show picture's soon.
I don't have those photos on my computer at work.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Findings At Summerhouse

This was a small booth inside one of the buildings that I dearly loved!
Although it was small, it was packed with a ton of WOW!
JoAnna makes the jewelry and for the life of me I can't remember her mothers name!
I didn't meet JoAnna, she was at another show,
but I met her mom and she was a doll!
Both, mother and daughter are very talented!

Be still my heart!

Everything was perfect about this booth!

Love, love, love the use of boxes!
I love the way they tucked things neatly into each and every box!
I've always had a thing for boxes. 

The wonderful gal that owns this booth, JoAnna was on an episode of
The Nate Burkas show last week for House Proud.

You gotta go check it out!
Also, I think her house has been in Country Living.
Not 100% sure!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Springfield Show

Had this banner made before we left for the show!
I love it! 

Hello Bloggers!
Springfield was a turn and burn show for sure!
Couldn't set up till 11:30am on Thursday,
then we opened 7am Friday morning!
Unfortunately, there wasn't much time for taking photos.
I did photograph a few booths and I will share them later.
We had a great time and sales were decent.
Funny thing was,
some of my customers were Marburger dealers
and one local dealer from my area!
To funny!
I had no idea what shoppers would buy in this area,
so I took a little bit of everything.
I have a better feel for things now, 
so if we do the show next year I will be on top of things.
Here are a few photos of my booth.

This is a great big shout out to all you loyal blog readers (stalkers) whatever you call yourself!
Thanks for stopping by to say HI!
You guys are the best!
You make me want to keep on blogging!
Thank you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Truck Is Loaded!

All our bags are packed and we are ready to go!
Ohio here we come!
Hope to see you at the 
in Springfield, Ohio!

Jon told me there are more than 50 dealers for the
Vintage Marketplace!

That's not counting the dealers for the Springfield Antiques Market!
This show is gonna be huge!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy Mothers Day
to all my blogging friends.
Thank you, fellow bloggers, followers,
and all you that read and follow in the shadows!
I love you all!
Thanks for all your support in the last few months,
without you all I couldn't have done it!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great Day For Shopping!

Went out today to do a little shopping and it really paid off!
You never know what you gonna find when you go out!
I was lucky enough to find not one, but two metal desk!
I almost fainted.
We don't see these desk very often, but finding two was a blessing!
We found two metal dressers at City Farmhouse last weekend!
I thought that was great, then two desk today!

Got a great iron bed.
Two bamboo handle, canvas umbrellas.
And that strange thing on the desk is a light!
Weird, but cool!

Love this umbrella stand!

And the pictures below are things that we bought on the way home from Texas!
I wanted to show you what all this stuff looks like before we refinish it.
It's pretty gross.
 It takes hours and sometimes days to get it to look like it does when you see it in our booth!

Great utility cabinet, needs a top.
Funky table legs, needs a top.

Two great night stands and a tiny little table.

And this is an exam table that Craig had a fit over.
Already removed the stirrups!
He is gonna put it on large rollers, make a new top and turn it into a kitchen island.
It has storage on all four sides!
Awesome! He didn't like the step at the end,
but I told him that's where little kids can stand while their helping mommy in the kitchen!

Got the shelf at City Farmhouse same time I bought the two metal dressers.
I'll show a picture of those later, Craig had already put them in the building.
The two metal dressers are dated 1941 on the back.
I will be sure and take a picture of that as well!

Another neat nightstand and cool little table.
Nobody wants this stuff the way it looks,
but after we are done with it,
it becomes a lovely addition to anyone's home!

Four Russell Wright Chairs.
These things are awful!
Can you imagine how they will look stripped?
I know it's hard, but believe I will show you when they are done.

Like I said we put hours and hours into this furniture.

These two large cart handles will become table legs!

And Theresa bought these chairs for herself while we were at the show!
I can't imagine why anyone would cover up the backs of these chairs.
See how beautiful they are when the back cover comes off.
There are six of them and they are heavy as all get out.

Can't wait to get these done and put them in my house.
I sold my French Chairs and Marburger and was looking for a replacement.

A few of these small things will make there way to the 
Make plans now to attend the show.

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