Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meet The Girls

All dressed up in their finest for opening day of Marburger, Sept. 27th.
I love mannequins!
I've been selling them ever since we started our business way back when!
I love the way they look in a booth!
I'm really excited about the show.
We've been working our fingers to the bone.
God is so good to us!
It's amazing how you always get exactly what you need!
We were a little low on inventory, but I was very thankful for what we had,
I didn't even ask for more!
But.......guess what?
More is what we got!
Some amazing things have come our way in the last couple of days!

The girls would love to see you at the greatest show on earth!

Can't wait to see you guys there!
Oh, I almost forgot,
I'll be attending a luncheon at Rachel Ashwells ranch
to celebrate the opening of her new store there on the ranch!
Looking forward to that for sure!

I'm linking up to Faded Charm for White Wednesday!
I know these girls aren't white, but they would look great in a white room!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leaving the Nest

When I came out of the house this morning to work on junk,
I could hear a bird calling,
not sure what it was calling?
But, it didn't take me long to figure it out!
Not sure if this baby bird left the nest of it's own free will or fell out!
But it was perched on some twigs near a flower pot overgrown with grass.
Momma called and called but baby never made a sound.
I did NOT get close to baby bird, I have a 300mm zoom lenses.

I kept my eye on the baby bird all day long cause I didn't want my dogs to get it.
As the afternoon progressed the momma calls got louder and louder.
Went to check on baby and it was gone.
I searched and searched but couldn't figure out where baby bird went!
Hopefully it is somewhere safe and momma and baby bird will be reunited soon!

How sweet is this baby bird?

Here's momma, perched high on her lookout!

Momma still searching!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Floors are finally finished in the Kitchen/Sunroom area.
Now! If I can just keep Craig home long enough to get the baseboard laid,
well what baseboard I have! Home Depot has been out of it all week!
Figures! And I only need about 5 more pieces! Anyway!
Then we can get the behemoth cupboards put back into place
so I can get all the dishes, pots and pans and food put back up!
Right now all the cupboards are setting in the dinning room.
That's what happens when you have no built in cabinets!
I've never been sorry we removed all the cabinets to use free standing cupboards.

I am so happy with the flooring!
I love it!
Because of the low, low price I didn't get to choose the color.
But I couldn't be happier with the color!
And I am really digging the gray walls!
I may not like them this winter, but we will see!
I can always paint again next spring.

I plan on putting a long dinning table to span the sunroom area.
And only one piece of furniture in that room!
I only want open floor space.
Who knows what I will hang on the walls though.
I do miss the porch that was in the sunroom, but I was really tried of it!

And as for the strips!
I hate those!
But thats what comes along with mobile home living.
Actually, the strips were 4 ft. apart
and we added some so it they would look more deliberate.
I removed the strips in the living room myself years ago,
but I have problems with the cracks wanting to open up.
I'm sure there was a better way to do it
but I was single at the time and I just did the best I could!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finally! Baby Pictures

Sweet little Oliver!
Grandma is very slow in getting pictures posted!
Is there anything more precious than those first few moments of life!
I think he's gonna have red hair!

Proud Papa!

How sweet!

Good grief, she looks good after all that labor!
I can still see makeup!

This was a rainbow outside the waiting room at the same time he was born!
Is that a good luck sign or what?

Everyone is so excited that Oliver is here!
This is Dewayne's parents,
my other daughter, Sarah and her son, Willie.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

He's here!

Oliver Jackson Slade Lile
arrived on this earth 8/8/11 at 8:02pm
8 lbs 2 ozs
20 inches long
Pictures later (sorry)
Momma and baby are both doing fine!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's About Time

Here's the colors!
Yes gray!
Bedroom, top color.
Living room, bottom color.
I am so sick of white!
I really needed a change!
It's on!
Been painting my little heart out with the help of my daughter!
Thank you Sarah!

Goodbye chandelier!

Goodbye white tile!
Hello Lillie!

Goodbye chandelier number 2!

Hello gray!
I was so nervous while I was painting I almost fainted!

Hello mister floor man!
As most of you all know,
I've had hard wood flooring laying in my sunroom for over a year now!
It's finally happening!
It's getting laid!

Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
I love you mister floor man!

The flooring actually makes the gray seem a little lighter!
I can't wait to get all my white furniture in the room!
I think it's really gonna pop against those gray walls!

I'm loving it!
Be still my heart!
Can you tell I'm excited?

I will be adding some white baseboard!
I even painted my bedroom gray!
It's a little lighter!
Doesn't look like it in the picture.
It's not much lighter,
but it is what it is!
I'm just happy to have it painted!

Oh! Miss Lillie!
How did you get in there?
Oliver is due any day now!
We are on pins and needles!

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