Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lavender Love

I love lavender!
I think it's my favorite fragrance!
Not many flowers in my yard,
but thank goodness I do have some lavender!
The large planter holding this is next to the side walk,
every time you walk by it you get a wonderful whiff of lavender!
Looks like this bee is having some lunch!
Haven't been blogging much,
getting ready for Brimfield!
The show is in 2 weeks! Yikes!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Much Needed R & R!

We are going away to lake for some much needed R & R!
Funny, we've owned an RV for 10 years but never went camping for fun.
We always take our little home away from home to shows!
So, I'm pretty excited to know I don't have to work when we get there!
Be back soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Gazebo For Me!

Last fall in Texas I bought one of Brian's creations, of The Seed Box! After we took it apart to load it in the truck, I didn't think I would ever see it erected again! lol! We create several truck loads of furniture every year, but I rarely get anything done for myself! And there was the issue of what we were gonna set the structure on. We talk about putting in on the ground with some mulch, but that just didn't seem like a good idea.

Well, when we were cleaning up a couple of weeks ago we came across this metal frame! Luck would have it that it was the right width for the gazebo, just a little longer. I said no problem, we will move the structure to to the back of the frame and it will create a little front porch!

 So Craig went right to work adding the proper support to the frame. Then we couldn't decide what kind of decking to put on. We discussed wood, then a sheet of metal got brought into the conversation! We both decided that metal would be cool!

I love the metal decking! Looks like it belongs with the frame!

This is the part that Brian made, to include 4 post and a top.

Loved the way it looked on the deck! Couldn't hardly wait to get it all put together!

The top is a part of a chicken brooder. Hope I spelled that right! We don't have those here in Kentucky, but he always makes cool things out of chicken brooder tops.

Yeah! The gazebo has a top! As I was holding a piece of plywood up to keep the wind off of Craig while he welded, I could vision a shelf on the back. So away we went to look for some brackets! 

I knew I better get these welded on right here and now, cause when that welder went back in the shop I would never get him to add the shelf!

Found some!
 Now we need a piece of barn wood!

YES! Found it! Love it!

Oh yes, we definitely need a rug!
Just so happens I bought one with the structure!
Yes, it's metal to!
I will be sealing for floor after it gets a little more rust on it!

Lets add a couple chairs.

Some more junk, oh I mean art!

Some pitiful flowers! Sorry that's all I had!
Got lots of junk, but not much in the way of flowers! Yet!

And there you have it! I'm gonna add some burlap panels in each corner, but I didn't have any! I will be tweaking things as I go along. Most of the time when I look at something for a couple of days, good thoughts come to me about what would make that space better!

Hope you like the collaboration of Brian's and Craig's work!
I love it!

I'm linking up to Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treasure Chest for Oliver

Amanda, my oldest daughter has another baby shower on Saturday
from the in-laws side of the family.
I've already gifted her from our shower,
but I didn't want to show up empty handed!

When I got up this morning I walked by this cute little chest setting on the table
and thought I should make Oliver a Treasure Chest!
So I did!
I went on the hunt in my studio for a Captains treasures!
I had a ball looking for old things that would be worthy of the chest!

As you can see the hunt turned up some cute teeny tiny treasures!

Ok! I know!
The map looks a little cheesy,
but I free handed it and I'm not an artist!
Oliver will actually live closer to his NaNa than me,
as you can plainly see on the map!

I cut some cheap gold coins off an old bracelet!
The small metal container was used to hold watch repair parts,
it's the size of a quarter!

This old turtle is from the 1920's,
it's a prize you could win at country fairs.
It has 4 little wheels on the bottom.

This little almanac is the size of 2 postage stamps!
It is a real almanac from 1884,
even has advertisements on the back!

A pirate can't navigate with a compass!

I choose a huge key,
cause grandma has a huge heart!

Gotta have a teeny gold candelabra!
And a newborn needs plenty of time in a bottle!

Old metal whistle might ease a little one's mind if he becomes afraid!

Inside the lid of the box.

The box has a tiny drawer at the bottom,
pull the drawer out and there is a hidden compartment!
Perfect for little pirates to hide their gold!
I'm gonna hide a $50 bill in there!

I worked all day on this treasure chest
and I had a blast!

Can you see that great crackle on top of the box?

I hope Oliver loves his treasure chest and will cherish it always!
I can just see his little hands playing with these treasures
and thinking about some far away adventure!

Im linking up to Wow us Wednesdays!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seed Box in Texas

By the time I get to Texas Brian and Meloney of The Seed  Box are usually sold out and I don't ever get to take any good photos of her booth! This spring she and a friend set up a second booth in Warrenton and I got there before every thing  was gone! Meloney does the best displays! And her floral arrangements are awesome! She never fails to give me inspiration cause she always uses burlap, metal and some rusty things in all her vignettes! Can't wait till the fall show to she what she has up her sleeve next!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Stocking and Rearranging!

I spent the better part of this week stocking, cleaning and rearranging my booth!
It was in terrible need of attention! 
We had a few pieces of furniture in the building that needed to be painted and moved out of the way.
So I took the opportunity make space in the building and fill my booth at the same time!
I don't usually paint furniture because I like the older paint much better,
but these pieces had piled up and were taking up valuable space!
I think things turned out pretty well.
I love my booth at Bennies Barn,
I have tons of room and it has so much character!
If you've never been to Bennies Barn it would be worth your while to make the trip!

Mall owner called today and said this chalk board already sold.
She said someone bought it for a wedding!

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