Tuesday, October 22, 2013

South Porch Antiques Fall 2013 Marburger

These are my friends Karen and Patrick, they always have the best stuff.
They live in upstate New York where all the good stuff abounds.
Karen does such a great job at display.
You never know what your gonna see cause her space looks different every time.
I have purchased some awesome things from them in the past.
Enjoy the tour.

P.S. Say a little prayer for them,
they are on their way to the Country Living show in Atlanta
and they have had a bit of trouble on the way.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall 2013 Marburger

Back from all our show trips and I finally had a chance to down load some photos from Marburger.
We had a great show, God shined his light down on us and the customers flocked in.
Our booth was smaller this time, but we had a ton of things outside.
It seems my look changes with ever show, this booth was dark and woody.
I love light colors, but that is NOT what customers want right now, so I go with the flow!
It was great seeing all our friends and catching up.
My son came down for a visit and of course, that was the highlight of my show.
I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking, hope you enjoy.

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