Monday, December 17, 2012

Afternoon Sun

I love how the afternoon sun,
shines in on this wall!
Makes the whole vignette come alive!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Working on my own house!

I can't believe that I was able to post a picture!
I tried it and it worked so I'm gonna go with it!
I've been working in my own house the last couple of days.
Most of the time I'm decorating for other clients, but it's my turn.
I've never really put the house back together since we had the floors laid!
I may have to many things on the walls in the living room!
My favorite thing that I've added to the room,
is the wash tub between the leather chairs.
It has a swing out stool on the side of it!
What a hoot!
We added the wood top, but I love it.
And that little tree on my coffee table is MY Christmas tree!
Yep! That's as good as it gets!

I'm still working on the new blog thing.
Decided I didn't like Dream Host,
so I had to wait for a 2 week free trial to be over so I could go with Blue Host!
I will get all this figured out, got most of the winter to work on it!
Thanks for stopping by!

I almost forgot!
The first open house I had at the new shop was a success!
Thanks to all who came out to support me,
I appreciate it!
I will be open the second weekend of every month!
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