Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mystery Solved!

The Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar
The Spicebush Swallowtail is a caterpillar for a fairly black swallowtail butterfly. This caterpillar lives in folded leaf shelters and feeds on sassafras or spicebush leaves to sustain its life.
Read more here!

We have tons of sassafras in the back fence row of our yard!

Margo researched this cute little worm!
Thanks Margo for all you hard work!

This is a picture of my cute little bug below!


Japolina said... it will be a gorgeous butterfly soon. A true ugly duckling in your own home!

outjunking said...

At first glance I didn't even think it was real. What a creature.

jacklynn4 said...

I can't believe someone figured it out. Freaky!

NanaDiana said...

You got it! Yay! I love that it looks like a child's drawing. xo Diana

Margo said...

What is so amazing to me is that those eyes are not it's eyes, just made to look like eyes, to make it scary to predators. Even the "pupil reflection" is fake. Amazing!!!!

I learned so much researching this little guy. did you take him out to your sassafras bush so he can eat?


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I thought it was a belated April Fools joke! It looks like a rubber squeeze toy for a dog!

Lululiz said...

What an astonishing little critter. When I first saw your pic, I thought it was a stuffed toy. Isn't Mother Nature amazing?

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

What an amazing creature! Can you tell us how long the one is on your carpet, as it's hard to tell.

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Sorry, you DID say in the previous post it was only an inch long. Such an interesting critter.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also did not think it was real, when first opened the post. I have never seen one before. Thanks for sharing.
Hope you had a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Donna Reyne' said...

Hey Theresa!
This is a really cool looking insect!

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