Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ironstone Purge

What can I say?
I've loved ironstone before anyone ever heard of Rachel Ashwell
and the words Shabby Chic!
I love it because it's white of course,
but mostly because it's usually all crackled and stained!
I don't like the pristine stuff!
For a  few years, seems I couldn't get enough of it!

With the install of new wood floor in my near future,
(floor already bought, stored in my sunroom)
I have been going through cupboards, drawers and shelves
trying to get rid of junk and weed through my collections!

So far, so good!
I get to this cupboard!
I really want to sort through all this
ironstone and get ride of some of it!
Problem is, I can't decide what goes and what stays!
The little boy and girl statue my son bought me
for my birthday, with his own money, when he was 9!
Would never part with that!

Who really needs a stack of 10 square bowls?

How many sugar bowls do you need?

I'm embarrassed to show this!
21 platters, are you serious!
I know, I'm nuts!
But they show all their ware and tare from past lives!

There are even some hard to find oval bowl in there!
Would never part with the dog and child statue!

Teeny tiny head vase!

Can you see the crackle goodness on that footed bowl?
I'm feeling weak!

How in the world am I going to achieve such a task?

I love it all, but I don't really need it!
What goes and what stays?
Would you guys have a hard time deciding,
or is it just me?

A little help here, please!

I'm linking up to Kathleen's
White Wednesday 
over at Faded Charm.


vintage girl at heart said...

Say it ain't so!!!!
Keep love it too much and would really regret getting rid of it!!! I know this from experience!!!
i to oam an ironstone groupie..tee hee and have about twenty platters myself.
Some we use everyday!!
Just makes cooking and serving so elegant....and a link to the past!!
I just scored two more small milk pitchers/creamers?? at Goodwill.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm not shy about saying I'll take all 21 plates, I'll even take all that's in the cabinet. Don't worry about trying to ship it, just bring it all to the Red Barn in January! Don't forget the cabinet :)

Miss Sandy said...

Let me decided for you, keep it all! It looks amazing and stunning in your grouping. I love the tiny shoes and head vase and that crazed little pitcher, oh who am I kidding, I love it all! Best of luck deciding! said...

I love it too. I don't think I would part with it, especially the birthday gift. No, I don't 'need' it either but it makes me happy and looks pretty. Just look at how gorgeous that cupboard looks! It is a part of my hobby and home. It is what makes my house a home. But that is just me. Hope this helped a little:)
~Debra XXX
Capers of the vintage vixens

Sandi said...

Oh I so *GET* you Theresa!! That is my problem. I can't pass something up when it is so cheap and then I have a hard time parting with it even though I do not need it. Some things do make their way to my booth, but it is hard! LOVE your ironstone collection!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You are not alone. Those stacks of platters and bowls are works of art!
I am in the same place where I am feeling that I should part with things as I have waaayyyy too much...including stacks of ironstone and yellowware. But really, I think it looks great piled high in your cupboard! Sigh...I'm no help at all!

Rebecca said...

Ha Girlie, no problem. I will be right down and help you decide what to put in my car...
Seriously Girl... every single piece looks awesome and why would you mess with perfection. We don't NEED any of this stuff, but if it makes you smile... then we all NEED to smile! It mends the soul, I say keep it!
Blessings today!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I would truly have a hard time deciding, Theresa. Especially after building up such an amazing collection of beauties. Gee, it all looks so amazing in that most fabulous cabinet!

Ruby Grace's said...

I am certain that you would have a zillion takers for any of that you decide to part with. I love ironstone and you are right, the more used the better. I love it all, but I am truly am a dish aholic and would not get rid of any of it....I am NO HELP! Good luck,

Dede Warren said...

I learned from a friend recently (who's studio is one I dream about) the secret to creating a wonderful space... is to only have things you LOVE. I'm not talk you like it, or it's pretty, or but it goes so well with the others... I'm talking about truly only keeping things you LOVE! Chances are there are pieces you favor over others like the piece your Son bought you. It makes getting rid of stuff so much easier, if not... maybe a call in to Hoarders is in order!

Sarah Lynne said...

I love, love, love your collection!

Theresa said...

I have to be honest here... I don't think I could part with any of it! What a gorgeous display, I love every crackled, browned fabulous piece! Good Luck, and I really mean that! Theresa xoxo

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Keep it all
...way too beautiful!!!

I may not be very helpful, but I'm being honest.

Anita said...

um, Mr. Kotter- ooh ooh ooh- ME! That's who would like the stack of bowls- wowsa! That's some hunting represented right there. (Cause if you walked in and a person had that stack of 10 and you just bought them and walked out, you would be dead from a happy heart attack, that's how I know :) I am not sure what's going on with the drawer clean-out, i've been doing that too. Luckily, it has mostly sold at markets and I am a happier ( and faster) housecleaner these days. Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Passionate for White said...

Don't get rid of anything. Just store a few pieces know, so you can buy more! :)

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'll be happy to send you my addy, wouldn't want you to be stressed this time of year, LOL!!
Seriously, I say just keep it, it's all just too wonderful to part with!

Marie said...

Omigosh! What a gorgeous collection!!! I love them so, and you've arranged them perfectly.

Stopping by from WW, and merry Christmas to you!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I'm with you - what ever would you part with? But it IS Christmas - giving some as a gift would make the parting a bit more sweet. Maybe just some of those platters and square bowls...

Angela said...

Looks perfect right where it sets!!

Amy said...

I am with ya Theresa I love the more worn and cracked any day of the week.
What a hard task you do have at hand there. It is all displayed so nicely, I would hate to disrupt what you have going on there. But if you feel the need to purge. Take out some of the pieces you bought as filler and put away in a box for a few weeks before selling it. Then if your heart misses it bring those certain ones back in.
If no loss felt then let it all go.

julie miller said...

Hi Theresa, Who needs 10 square bowls and 21 platters? I do-I do!!! I don't blame you one bit for being indecisive on this one!!! Good luck and Happy Christmas! Julie

lifespassion said...

I would start by giving a piece to each person who leaves a comment (tee hee) and then start collecting all over again. Actually, If I were you, I really would keep it all. It makes you happy,and it is beautifully displayed (unlike my mess at home). Have to tell you I adore the little birdbath. When I was in grade school, oh soooo many years ago, they had one at a white elephant sale that I bought and still have. I add them now and again when I run across one that is not too expensive and has all the birds. I still love them. If you really feel you need to get rid of a few pieces, gift your friends with cookies on a platter, or chocolates or pine boughs in a sugar bowl. You will feel better and your friends will adore you! Merry Christmas! P.S. can I be your friend?? lol

Cheryl said...

It all looks fabulous, but I know how you feel. Don't sell anything unless you really don't want it anymore, and would rather have more christmas cash! I would just rearrange, keeping what you love the most. Then what you have left over, just display somewhere else in your lovely home! Happy Holidays To You!

oldgreymare said...


I apologize for trampling so many of your friends to get to this cupboard. I hope your homeowners is paid up to date.

That poor woman who I shoved to the ground by the front door, she's getting up now and dusting herself off, no problem....

Now, let's talk prices shall we?

: D

Merry Christmas dear, are you just loving your new Mac? I was hoping you might need a little help so we could chat some more. lol



stefanie said...

oh, I would keep it all!!! it looks sooooooo pretty in that cupboard!!!!
don't do it!!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

i'm here to help you mon amie. I'll send my address and you can purge to your hearts content! :)

Mikey said...

I love it all and would keep it--but a good way to get rid of it--box up the pieces you would never part with--put in a safe place. Box up the rest of it by catagory--platters, sugar/creamers, figurines, etc. Once your floor is installed--pull out the things you want to keep--then go through the other boxes and arrange and fluff items on the shelf--don't use everything if you want to get rid of things....what you don't use--store for a year, if in the year you don't use it--make sure it goes away! I'll send you my address--you can send it to me! LOL!

Lululiz said...

Why mess with perfection? It is a beautiful display. Keep it, just don't add anymore to it, lol.

Susan said...

Oh, to heck with practicality - keep it all! 21 platters just look so beautiful together. One would be missed.
But as you can see, many ladies would be willing to take any of it off your hands.
Beautiful collection!
- Susan

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

I will make the ultimate sacrifice and take some of this off your hands.

You're welcome. :-P


Honey at 2805 said...

Love your great collection. Keep it...but, if you change your mind I'll be there from Texas in a New York minute!

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Sorta like baby heads and taxidermy, just what does one need all them heads for, furry or fiber...'CAUSE...just 'CAUSE!!!!!

BTW...that brownie was sure yummy with a hot cup o java on this blustery winter's day...heehee!

Luv ya sis...oh and BTW...Brandon was devastated!!!

sewprimitive karen said...

I wouldn't get rid of any of that if I were you; it's gorgeous, esp. the dark stained stuff :-) and LOVE the gift from your little son.

Terry said...

Well, Theresa, Since we have the same name, I can take care of all of it for you...or even some of it! How would you get rid of it...eBay? Do you have a booth or shop? Terry

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Theresa I'm GREEN with ENVY I really am....We don't have an abundance of REAL ironstone here in Australia....Which is ODD considering a LOT of it is English made....I'f I lived a TAD closer I'd come by & HELP YOU out of your collection for sure....hahahahaha....!!

It say KEEP IT ALL though if you really do feel the need to trim down....Keep the CRUSTIEST pieces....The more stained & crazed the more AWESOME I reckon....!!

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I wouldn't purge a single piece!! It is too beutiful, with so much history...past lives....loves....and now it lives with you....

This display is truling stunning! No one can do a vignette like you, and this one...takes my breath...

Lou Cinda

Sarah @ said...

First why do you need to get rid of it? Space? If not keep it if you LOVE IT!! But you have to LOVE it. If its for space and you still LOVE it, pack some up or move it to some new spots in the house. You can always use the stored items later when you feel like mixing it up again.
The only items to part with are the one's you aren't madly in love with. Does that help at all? Probably not:)

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a gorgeous collection! Do you really want to purge?

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Two words I never thought I'd see together in our community: ironstone + purge. Grrrl, either keep it all, or sell it all in one fell swoop!

NanaDiana said...

Oh it is just so hard to pick and choose, isn't it? Kind of deciding which child you like best on which day! Impossible!!!

Box it all up when you do your floors and then see which pieces you really miss...and long to see right there in front of you. I have done that with some of my things and started editing out. I have given stuff to my kids and to friends that I knew would love it. I also sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay. I thought I would be broken hearted but I find I am freer somehow without so much "stuff"...and I NEVER thought I would feel that way. Hugs-Diana

Faded Charm said...

I'm feeling the same way you are right now. Who needs so much and how did I accumulate it all? Why is it so hard to part with. I'm trying so hard to minimalize my home right now and it's hard for me to do.

My goal is after the New Year to go through all cupboards and drawers and purge. Having a booth now, I'm needing more smalls, so that is giving me some motivation. But what if I never find another wonderful crazed ironstone pitcher again?'s so nerve wracking.

We might just be soul sisters, Theresa.

Glad you could play along today.


Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Oh I'm sure I could weed a few pieces out for you :) Really, they are all so pretty...just keep them :)

The Feathered Nest said...

Keep. it. ALL!!!! This display is so heavenly Theresa....don't get rid of a piece! Yes, it will be a pain to move to get the new floors but just look at these wonderful pieces of history, absolutely gorgeous girl ~ hugs and love, Dawn

The Swedish Room said...

Hi Theresa, I say keep it all, after all you can never have too many white dishes and pretty white pieces. They go so well in your pretty cabinet. The blue background is so pretty with the white. Here is what you can do if you really want to thin it out a little, put some away and rotate your collection, I do that all the time, its like getting new stuff for free. BTW Thanks for stopping by and signing up. I sell at the Scott's here in Atlanta. Stop by I'm in aisle J10 South building.
The Swedish Room

Cabin and Cottage said...

Get rid of something else! Your piles are what make collections wonderful! Jacqueline

Biljana said...

I just love your collection:)
Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Theresa! Just an idea...but how about just displaying your absolute fav's, then store the rest, just for a while. See how you like living with the displayed pieces only. If you just can't stand it, pull out some of the stored ones and mix it up. I think it might be easier to part with some (if that's what you really want to do) by "practicing" to part with them at first. Just an idea. Sometimes I've gotten rid of or sold something and regreted it, other times I'm totally OK with it.

PS If you think that gold iron piece on top of your hutch is just too awful to look at every day, I would sacrifice the look of my home and take it off your hands. I'm just sayin'.

Sincere blessings to you,

A Cottage Muse said...

Heavens no...purge something else so you get that feeling out of your system!!

GINA's BLOGGATORIUM........... said...

EVERYTHING always looks more impactfull "en mass" It is perfectly, artistically, artfully arranged....AAAaaaah don't change a thing. Luv Luv Luv it all !

Carole said...

I couldn't decide either so my vote is to keep it all.
It looks so gorgeous just the way you have it.
I'll be in line with everyone else when you decide to sell though! haha

ps....your photos are awesome btw

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Okay to make it easy on you- you just box it up and send it to me. I'll pick some and send it on to someone else. After about 10 people we'll send the rest back and you will have purged some. :)
Seriously, I could not get rid of it..but that is me.

Brenda Kula said...

Don't think I could do it at all! You have a lovely collection!

Olivia said...

Ok silly girl, I will send you my address and I will pay the shipping. Giggle. Honestly it looks gorgeous, why worry????

Kimberly Jones said...

First of all - GORGEOUS! Your colleciton is so beautiful and it's the chippy patina that makes it so special! It looks like it's pretty well contained in your pretty cabinet, so I would keep it all, or maybe just choose 5 things to part with at first. I'ts easier to let go once you've made a start. Now if I would only follow this adivce myself!

saltbox treasures said...

WoW! You do have a beautiful collection! Your cupboard is gorgeous! It would be hard to part with your pieces, and doing this a week before Christmas {I'm impressed lol}, cleaning out my dishes is not on my to do list this week :).
How about you keep every other one, i.e., like your square bowls. They would still look pretty stacked, and no one would know you got rid of half of them :).
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
~ Julie


Well, since I too am a hoarder I mean, collector, I think your cupboard looks just divine as is. Yeah, I know, I'm no help. Oh well...sometimes too much of a good thing is just divine!


Bread and Butter said...

Just beautiful, how could you possibly part with it, i bet you can recall where you picked up almost every piece. I refer to some of my collections as serial collections. lol. Terri

Kathy said...

Where is need and loving something connected. It lifts your heart, makes you smile, adds character to your life - something someday your family will look back and think of you by.
Purge - bless you! What a glorious collection you have - you've displayed it beautifully -
If you feel you must purge - pass them along to those who'll love them as you do and think of you when they view it. I couldn't decide for you in 100 years!
God Bless,

Sylvia said...

Hi again...I just went through that same phase a couple of weeks ago, except mine was with Precious Moments figurines. I have outgrown? moved on? and in order to have my curio back I wrapped and packed up the figures and STORED them in the attic. Don't get rid of your beautiful it somewher for much later use.


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