Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Seems way to early!

I just can't seem to get into the Christmas spirit yet! Well the truth of the matter is, I have had trouble with this since the 1980's. I don't decorate my house and rarely do I decorate my booth. Most go all out for the holidays, but I would rather relax and enjoy my family and not be overwhelmed by hoards of decorations.

I know what you are saying, I must be a grinch! Not really, I love all that there is about giving and try to do as much as I can. But the over abundance of glitter is not my thing. As I've gotten older the phrase "less is more" is what seems to apply to me. 

I look forward to spending time with family and friends in a quite surrounding. There I've said what I've wanted to say here for many years! It's all out in the open!

I hope you and all yours have a wonderful holiday season. Don't forget what we are really celebrating.


donna baker said...

It used to take me two weeks to decorate for Xmas. I think I did it for the kids. Now that they've grown up, they decorate (my son already has his tree up), but I don't do any decorating anymore. Like you, I shop and I bake and make candy, but I don't want to get all that stuff out and have to pack it up again. And, my kids don't want the decorations. Many are antiques and ones from their childhood. Let that be a lesson to those who buy and pack away. The kids don't want most of it.

Susie said...

Tot, your bed springs wreaths are pretty cute. I love the lounging relaxing time with family also. I do not think every thing needs to be rushed or over done. Hope you and your man have blessed holiday . xoxo,Susie

Faded Charm said...

Love this area in your booth. I've been going through the less is more phase as well, but do still like the Holidays to decorate a little bit. I've been only doing greens and natural items more lately though and not as much "stuff".

Hope you are doing well!


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

I can definately identify with what you are saying. Every year l bring out less decorations and fuss less, l just don't want it anymore. Christmas for me is about the birth of Christ and because of him, the spirit of giving. I make most of my presents and put a lot of thought into them. Familytime is my joy at Christmas. So very tired of shops full of Christmas bling bling, this year commencing at the end of September!! As far as decorations go, l love the things handmade by the children, flowers, candles and greenery such as branches and moss from the forest. Blessings, Pam x

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Yep been there- don't do that -as much either :D

I am slow to start even thinking of what I shall do this year. I think back to years of a dozen trees and garlands and wreaths everywhere and I cannot believe I used to do that or had the time. Oh yeah I was in my 40's -that was it...

I've sold off every holiday but Christmas and sold 3/4ths of that....and I still have more than enough.

I'm not sure how far I'll go..it will probably depend on how many Hallmark Movies I watch the week of Thanksgiving.

Hope your Holidays are peaceful and full of JOY

sassytrash said...

So glad you outed your minimalist Christmas decorating approach--I thought I was the only one that didn't decorate--even at the Nov. show! (although I did make a wire Christmas tree to set my wire nests in at the last minute)
The beautiful celebration of the Birth of Christ isn't any less enjoyed by a lack of glittery stuff all over the house.

It was nice to see you again and I hope your CL show was great!
Many holiday Blessings to you and your family!

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