Friday, May 28, 2010

Working on a new blog!

Hey guys! I am working on a new blog cause I wanted a different IP address! My old address was the name of my old shop and I wanted the new address to be the name of my business! Bare with me with I get all this set up! You guys know I'm not very good at blogging these days, way to busy!



Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Theresa, just found your comment, so I will email you in just a minute. Congrats on setting up the new blog. HEY, look at me, I'm your first follower and commenter! yipee!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Very well. We will all be waiting .. Good luck.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful Pics! Thanks for Sharing!

Michelle said...

Hi Theresa,
In my search for you I found your really great blog. I would like to talk to you when you get time.
Good luck at your show,
Michelle Odle

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