Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovely Morning

This was a lovely morning! I sat on my front porch as I do ever morning and drank my coffee. The temps. are cooler here and there was a nice breeze blowing. The birds were chirping and my wind chimes sounded like an orchestra!

Thought I would look for a few blooms to take pictures of this morning. Never expected to capture some Bees in the process!
Nature is wonderful!
I love everything about it!

There are not many blooms in my yard because I can't keep flowers. We travel so much in the summer even if I could get something to grow, there is no one to water for me! When you get home from being gone for two weeks in July everything is dried up!
I am thankful for the ones that I have!

This Rose of Sharon bush was planted by my grandfather for a surprise! I came home and there it was! That was 15 years ago, and my grandfather has been gone for 3 years now. The bush is not in a very convenient place, but I can't bare to cut it down!

Another bee on my Rosemary!



trash talk said...

Aw, whatcha talking about wrong place sweetie? He planted it in your heart for ever.

Sue said...

Ever heard that saying, "bloom where you're planted"? Think that applies here. What a lovely thing to do, and what a great memory to hold close to your heart! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

Take care, Sue

PS Who came to visit Country Roads? Wish they would have stopped at the counter to say hi, that's what I love the most about the store, meeting all the customers!!

Burlap Luxe said...

I did it, I updated you and your old link to the new link on my side bar as one of my inspirational bloggers.

I so enjoy snooping over here, always so inspiring :)

June said...

Theresa I can just see you out there on the porch enjoying the morning. I think Rose of Sharon are so beautiful. I can't grow them here because of our high elevation and Winter temps, but they grow in Boise and I see them blooming everywhere I look there. It's great that you have this as a reminder of your grandfather. Wasn't he the best to plant it for you???
You guys go a million miles an hour in the Summer, and I can't even imagine trying to keep a garden going in that heat. You have many other talents that make up for the lack of of gardening, that's for sure.
hugs to you

Amy said...

oh I dream of being able to sit on my porch and look out in the morning over a yard such as this.
The only time I get to do that is on my dads ranch and look out over the wild deer running.
One day this dream will come true but I will enjoy looking at your beautiful pictures until then.

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Ms. "T"
For your visit to my sanctuary place and your wonderful comment.
will see you soon,

patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...

Aw ...I have a Rose of Sharon in my yard that my Grandfather gave my Mom and my Dad planted. Reminds me of them every time I see it. It is also in a precarious place as it grows out over the driveway. Miss you girl. Hope to see ya soon, Pat

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful reminder of your Granddad! I haven't had a chance to sit out with my morning coffee in eons. I enjoyed yours vicatiously today! Diana

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

It's funny, when you said "the temps are cooler here", I wondered what the heck you were talking about, because I think of you as a Texan. And that is the highest compliment I can pay anyone! ;-)

How wonderful to have that beautiful reminder of your grandfather.

Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

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